Producer of organic cinnamon loureiroi 5% oil content

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At the beginning, my family chose to grow acacia trees.And after the exploitation cycle, we relize that cinnamon was more valuable.Hence, we have changed most of the area to plant Vietnamese cinnamon.At that time many people were worried that unsuitable cinnamon took more than 15 years to harvest.

In the past, Saigon cinnamon was planted only in some communes in Van Chan district, where the ancients Dao and Mong people live.But for the past 4 years, there is a big factory ELMAR TRADING & PRODUCTION invested in Van Chan for making Organic Saigon Cinnamon Stick. ( ) . Cinnamon trees have become more valuable.Hence, many growers chose Saigon cinnamon trees as a key to develop their lifes.
With the use of small cinnamon branches and cinnamon leaves to produce cinnamon essential oils, picking up of leaves and branches has been helping growers earn more income. From 10 to 15 years of waiting to harvest the matural, thick barks, high oil content, now only 4 to 5 years people can harvest the leaves to sell for price of around 3,000 VND / kg. On the other hand, the cinnamon trunk (for building construction) is also valuable with the market price ranging from 2.5 to 3 million / m3.
With the vision of planting more than 25,000 hectares of new cinnamon in 2025, the district has assigned the Forest Protection Department to prepare forest land for growing Saigon Cinnamon Trees. At the same time, the officers hve helped growers to prepare land and planting techniques.
Van Chan district has big opportunity for forest development.But in the past, in addition to the natural forest area, 90% of the forest area was planted with timber trees.At the moment, farmers in Van Chan are growing more and more Saigon Cinnamon trees.The scientific name of its is Cinnamomum Loureiroi.

The biggest different of Saigon Cinnamon with others Cinnamon is oil content.The Voltile oil content in Saigon Cinnamon is 4-7% which is 3 times higher than Chinese Cinnamon and 2 times higher than Indonesian Cinnamon.Elmar Trading & Production has been buying 30% total fresh cinnamon of this district.And we export more than 9000 tons of Cinnamon Loureiroi per year. ( ) . The finished of Elmar’s cinnamon products are: Organic/ Conventional Cinnamon Stick 2.75”, Organic Cinnamon Ground 4% Oil Content min (2 times higher than Indonesian Cinnamon), Cinnamon Flat Bark and Organic Cinnamon Leaves for extracting Essential Oils.

Mr Luy- a worker of Elmar Company is drying Saigon Cinnamon Loureiroi: fresh barks
Mr. Luy said: “Years before, many farmers would like to sell cinnamon but I did not take much because peeling Saigon cinnamon stick was done only in summer days, hot weather, without raining. And nowadays, the price of cinnamon has been going up. But buying raw cinnamon is more difficult than before.”
In August 2018, Mr.Lo Sau Rieng – his son planted 2.1 hectares to grow organic cinnamon.He said that it was difficult to make cinnamon naturally as he thought however, in fact it is also very easy: “No chemical fertilizer, so it used to be, the field didn’t fertilize.We do not spraying herbicide, he cut grass by machine.” .

Harvesting, drying, preserving and transporting must be 100% naturally, to avoid being near and mixed with chemical toxic substances”.
The technical in growing the organic Saigon cinnamon Loureiroi is also guided to farmers, helps people to understand clearly in process producing the natural cinnamon
( ) . In 2020, Chac will peel two crops for selling of VND 280 million and receive VND 20 million in bonuses. The extra money of growing natural cinnamon will be given in the end of crop. Pú said that if the extra money is not much if compared with money from selling cinnamon. It is small amount but “reward is also worth”. Chac also said that the new crop of cinnamon 2021 will be good quality and can expect to sell at higher prices.
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